About Me

Union Mechanic Running to Fix Our Broken System

Our Education system, Healthcare system, Justice system, Political system and many more are in disastrous disrepair.

As a mechanic, I know that when something breaks, leaving it broken will only make it worse. Our systems are desperately in need of fixing. We need regular people who care about their communities to step up and fight for changes that help everyone, and fix the problems present in our broken system.

I will always strive to better understand the people I represent and the problems they face, not just assume I already know what's best. I will listen to the people and fight for change that benefits you. I will work to solve the crisis’ facing us now, and in the future. I will strive to bring people together and make changes for the betterment of Minnesota.
- Brendan VanAlstyne

Who I Am

I spent my years in highschool worrying about how little opportunity there was going to be after I graduated. I chose to go to a trade school instead of a traditional college because I saw it as the only chance I could have at making a livable wage. I got lucky by landing a decent union job as a mechanic. Even with my good luck and the choices I made, it will be a long time before I can afford a house, and with the market being what it is, I doubt whether I’ll ever be able to. Even with my work’s health insurance, I’m hesitant to see the doctor because of huge copays and deductibles. We all face similar issues, and our future looks more insecure than ever. Only by working together can we fight for the change we need.

Why I'm Running

Corruption has worked its way into every part of our society. Those at the top in business and in politics no longer serve the people. Billionaires pay lobbyists and PACs to fund politicians’ campaigns, and in return they get tax breaks and handouts paid for by our tax dollars.

To speak plainly, the greed of the rich and powerful is killing us. Enough is enough. Now is the time to fight for a government elected by the people, that works for the people.

I will fight to end the corrupting influence of money in politics and restore faith in good governance.

Why Vote For Me?

I have always been public-minded and have had a spirit for service. When I was in highschool, I volunteered in numerous public service activities from working with Feed My Starving Children to providing aid to Minnesota’s indigenous communities. When I graduated from technical college and found a stable union job, I was soon elected as my workplace’s union steward. After I moved back to Shakopee, I quickly volunteered to serve on the Parks and Recreation Citizens Advisory Board. I strive to do all that I can to help those around me, and you can depend on me to bring that spirit of service with me into the State Legislature.

Pledge To Serve The People

I want to be your State Representative so that you can know that you have someone making sure your needs are met, your problems solved, and your future secured. I want to do everything I can to help our communities and our people grow and achieve their full potential. I want to help make Minnesota into a place where we enjoy real justice, freedom, and happiness.

I pledge to work to make Minnesota a place where people can trust their government to treat them equally and provide true justice.

I pledge to serve the people of Minnesota, not the special interests.

I pledge to keep an open mind and to be willing to work across party lines to get legislation passed that benefits everyone.

No matter the person, I pledge to do everything I can to help those who need help.